Colorado-Specific Vaccination Resources

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all resources; if you have recommendations please comment or go to Contact the Nurse.

List of Resources

  • School Required Vaccines
  • Immunization Forms : here you’ll find the certificates of immunizations for child care centers, schools, and for college/university students as well as forms that a child care and/or school may use to notify you of a required vaccine and exclusion from school.
  • Rules for school and child care immunizations : per the Colorado Department of Public Health and Education “new official exemption forms are required and non-medical exemptions must be submitted more often” (all the “rules” can be found via this link).
  • Vaccine Exemptions : this will take you to the “official” medical and non-medical exemption forms. I will be covering more on these as well as the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) but for now you should know that if your child has been vaccinated in the state of Colorado there is a good chance he/she has been put in the online system (aka CIIS) and if you’re not 100% on board with this you can opt out of your child’s private information being shared via this source. Also, if you don’t want this information shared you should not fax or mail your exemption forms to the Colorado Immunization Branch like this site instructs. Just a heads up.