About the Nurse


When your student walks in my clinic it is me who they’ll find…

  • a nurse who would draw floor plans of her dream house when she was in elementary school and always thought she’d grow up to be an artist
  • a student who was mortified of her own school nurse (for unknown reasons really 🤔) and never remembers going to the school clinic, even when she had to throw up for real 🤢
  • a mom of 4 elementary-age kids that just might be your fellow classmates, best friends, fellow athletes, and yes…you may even have a couple tiffs with them but guess what? Their mama is right down the hall (or across the hall)!
  • a wife to a pretty awesome God-centered man, who you have seen in the halls, on field trips, in the lunch room, in your classroom parties, and as an EMT/firefighter he may also make an appearance in my office to give me a hand 👨‍🚒

I’ll let you in on a little secret…well, actually we don’t have secrets in our family, we have surprises, and you’re in my family so it’s a little surprise…I’m not super mean.

It’s hard for me to be really grouchy when I’m around you (unless you’re disrespectful, then you’ll get the “eye” from me, a sharp warning, and you may have to sit in during recess).

I really don’t mind if you have an accident and you need a change of clothes.

Have a stomach ache but don’t know why…well, you’ll get used to the questions I ask. And guess what…it’s okay to let me know if you’re feeling nervous or uneasy about something!

Bloody nose? No biggie, you’ll soon realize that those big ol’ blood clots that come out are a good thing!

Now…teeth…that’s a different story. I’m not a dentist and it kind of creeps me out when you want me to pull your teeth so we’ll just leave them in your mouth and leave that task up to your parents! 😜

We’ll become really good friends when you follow the three rules that I ask of my own children….

  1. Be kind
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be obedient…follow my lead and my directions, it’s for you’re own good 😉

That’s all for now! And don’t forget…I love when you pop in real quick and say “hi” (except when I’m about to eat lunch between 1 and 2 PM 😂…a hangry nurse is not a nice nurse).