Breakfast…EAT IT!

Here’s a little pop quiz for all of you…especially to the parents of students (whether you’re at my school or not):

Quiz Time

What is the most common complaint or need (outside of cold/flu season) that I get first thing in the morning?

A. Headache

B. I need a bandaid

C. Stomach ache

D. All of the above

Base on the title of this post you’re probably guessing two of the 4, right?

And the answer IS……

Student: “Nurse Noell, I don’t feel good.” (Insert pouty puppy dog face)

Me: “Okay, what’s going on Suzie Student? Tell me more.”

Student: “I think I’m gonna puke. It’s so bad I think I need to go home.”

Me: “What hurts the most on your body right now Suzie?”

Student: “Well, it’s my stomach. It hurts really bad and I think I need to go home.”

Me: “Okay…did you eat breakfast?”

Student: “Well…..(insert long pause)….not really.” (This is when they know I’m not letting them go home)

Me: “Alrighty Suzie, if I take your temperature and you’re not running a fever you’re going to class. And tomorrow, I want you to EAT BREAKFAST before you come to school!”

Now that we know that breakfast is an integral part to starting off the morning right and keeping your kids at school (*wink, wink) let’s talk options. What’s the best? What’s the worst/what’s sure to send them straight to my office first thing in the morning?

The Best

I’m a parent so I get it…you don’t have all the time in the world and nor do you desire to make a 5-course breakfast every single day before school. Not to mention, most of our kids are not getting up early enough for this type of experience, amIright?? This isn’t about getting up at the crack of dawn (unless that’s your thang) to milk the cows and collect the eggs…unless you really do have cows and eggs, in which case I’d like to pet your cow and buy some eggs from you.

So here’s a start on some of the best options for a healthy, protein-packed, energy-sustaining breakfast:

And for those of you in need of allergy-free recipes here are a couple resources:

The Worst

This may or may not be obvious to you…and if it’s not, there’s absolutely no shame! This is meant to be a learning experience, no judgement from me at all!

High sugar foods seem to be the obvious…but most people don’t automatically think of toast, cereal, pancakes, breakfast bars and the like when it comes to sugar. Guys, unless you’re making your own low-sugar version they are literally loaded with sugar! Am I saying no-carb or low-carb for breakfast? No. If anything breakfast is the best time for a little more carbs as we’re aiming to replenish our bodies after the fast we experience during sleep.

So here’s a brief list of the no-no’s for breakfast (aim for eating these options less than 2 times per school week…and the more obvious no-no’s toward the bottom of the list, let’s aim at not really eating these mmmmmkay?):

  • boxed cereals
  • some granolas
  • bread/toast
  • pancakes
  • frozen waffles
  • doughnuts
  • bagels
  • cold pizza
  • whipped cream…yep, it’s sad to say
  • ummmmm….candy!

Other Resources:

Sidenote: I am not a self-professed Paleo freak, even though a lot of the above resources may indicated differently. These are the recipes that I would use for myself and my family for breakfast simply because most are high-protein and healthy fats. There are some Paleo sites that are heavy on the muffins and breads…not something we do as a family but to each their own. Also, if you’re gluten-free & dairy-free be on the lookout for those hidden carbs. When I going gluten- and dairy-free I noticed that many of these recipes while free of these ingredients were packed with other starchy carbs and a high sugar content/low fiber, so be aware!

So moral of the story?? Send your kiddos to school with bellies that have had food, otherwise there’s a good chance you could get a call or e-mail report from me stating that your precious babe “feels like she/he is going to throw-up.” Just sayin’



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