Make Math Class Great Again

Two words when it comes to my little visitors…’math class.’ This is across the board the most common subject that I hear when I ask, “What class are you in right now?”

The headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, “I puked in my mouth,” paper cuts, “a piece of dust flew in my eye,” etc. run rampant when it’s time to put pencil to paper and get crazy with equations. Does math really induce that much anxiety?? Welllllll….

Here’s a little goody for you. I did some research and it may actually hold water that math class can produce some of these physical (and psychological) ailments.

When you’re getting down & dirty with those numbers you’re concentrating pretty hard, amIright (yep, that’s all one word…you’re welcome)?? When you concentrate your brain is using energy in the form of glucose. When you deplete glucose in your brain that causes a chain reaction in the form of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can then be manifested as confusion, stress, fatigue, anxiety, headaches….oh my goodness!! And suddenly I felt like reading “When You Give A Mouse A Cookie”…I digress.

We are literally killing brain cells when we think–and more specifically, when we partake in math class!!


It’s time to protest people!! Say it with me….

No more addition!

No more subtraction!

Give me a pass…

No more, no more


Totally kidding! But I bet some of you were actually chanting out loud as you read this. Be honest.


Alright, here’s where we get to the solution (get it…solution?!)…

  1. Take brain breaks…for every 25 minutes of work take 5 minutes rest.
  2. EAT and DRINK water! Please eat breakfast before you come to school and bring a water bottle (with water in it) to school. PLEASE!! (That’s another blog post)
  3. Eat HEALTHY foods…fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats (the ketones in coconut oil and MCT oil are prime brain fuel). Healthy foods do not equal…doughnuts, Pop-Tarts, soda, pre-packaged snack foods (can you say Doritos?), blah, blah, blah. I love you all because you’re already on top of this…right?
  4. BREATHE…like really. Fill up your lungs with that stuff in our atmosphere…it’s formally called “deep breathing.” I honestly forget to do this sometimes…I notice my shoulders up in my ears frequently, because I’m holding my breath. Ugh.
  5. EXERCISE…yep, sitting on the couch and vegging out on your device doesn’t count as exercise.
  6. PRACTICE those math facts/IXL/whatever you use to practice and do it frequently and consistently.

And if your head is really hurting and you’ve employed all the above techniques (and if you’ve authorized me to give OTC meds) I have Advil & Tylenol with your student’s name on it.

Any math teachers out there with some advice/tips??


*Disclaimer: This blog post was written after a loooooooong, exhausting week at school. No students, parents, children, or husbands were hurt before, during, or after the writing of this information.



4 thoughts on “Make Math Class Great Again

  1. thepaintedwalnut says:

    I’m a teacher and brain breaks have worked so well in my classroom! If they’ve been sitting for too long, anything I teach will be a lost cause. I have them get up, do jumping jacks, toe touches, stretch..anything to wake their brains up! Then we get right back to work. No one, not even adults, could focus completely for a whole hour and a half math block!

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